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Join our Team with our Open Volunteer Positions

Outreach and education coordinator

Responsible for developing and implementing outreach and education programs to promote bird-friendly practices among the public. They would work closely with schools, community groups, and other organizations to spread the message about the importance of protecting birds and their habitats.


Volunteer Coordinator

Responsible for recruiting, training, and managing volunteers for the coalition. They would work to ensure that volunteers are properly trained and equipped to carry out their roles effectively.


Bird habitat restoration specialist

 This volunteer would work to identify areas where bird habitats have been degraded or destroyed and flag these areas to the Steering Committee for prioritization.


Responsible for organizing fundraising events and campaigns to raise money for the coalition's activities. They would also work to cultivate relationships with donors and sponsors to secure ongoing financial support.

Social media coordinator

Responsible for managing the coalition's social media accounts and creating content to engage and educate the public about bird-friendly practices.

Event planner

Responsible for organizing events like bird walks, educational workshops, and community festivals to promote bird-friendly practices and engage the public.

Grant writer

Responsible for identifying and applying for grants to support the coalition's activities. They would work closely with the fundraising team to secure funding from foundations, corporations, and other grant-making organizations.

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