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Saving bird lives starts with local action! Across Canada, people are coming together to create Bird Friendly Cities.

Nature groups, municipal officials, and other community groups are teaming up with Nature Canada to ensure our urban environments are safe havens for birds rather than a source of threats.

There are three billion fewer birds in North America today than 50 years ago. Much of these losses are caused by human activities – from predation by domestic cats, to window and car collisions.

Birds play an essential role in maintaining healthy and resilient ecosystems in our communities and our planet; cities and towns present many hazards to birds.

Nature Canada teams up with nature groups, municipal officials, and other community stakeholders to ensure our urban environments are safe havens for birds rather than a source of threats.

Nature Canada has developed a certification standard to certify eligible cities as Bird Friendly Cities, to recognize and celebrate the contributions they have made to save bird lives in their municipalities. The goal of certification is to provide local partners with a clear standard that reflects what a city needs to do to make it safe for birds. Certification is a badge of honor and a source of community pride. It tells the world that your city or town does things to help birds and reverse their declines in your own backyard.

In the last 50 years, North American bird populations have dropped by more than 25%. Three billion of our birds, including common species that live in our towns and cities, are gone. This is massive.

  • Key threats to birds are effectively mitigated;

  • Nature is restored so native bird populations can thrive;

  • Residents are actively engaged in admiring and monitoring local bird populations;

  • Organizations are creating events to protect birds;

  • Progressive municipal policies are created to protect urban bird populations; and

  • A Bird Team has been created to oversee and lead these initiatives.

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