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Our Successes

Auk’s Lodge Bird-Safe Windows - Final Installation:
It’s been over a year of fundraising, coordinating, and leading the way in conservation for the Frost Student Association. This team has put their commitment to bird safety first by finalizing the bird-safe window treatments on all the windows at the Auk’s Lodge and creating an on-campus environment that is that much more sustainable by installing Feather Friendly window markers to decrease bird strikes.

For more information on the Fleming Bird Project please visit

St. Catherine's CES: 


Thanks to the amazing student fundraising efforts of Madame O'Grady's class, St. Catherine Catholic Elementary School is now one step closer to becoming a completely bird safe building with their first phase of Feather Friendly bird window collision deterrent markers!

Peterborough Public Library: 


The Bird Friendly Peterborough Team Celebrated the first in-person World Migratory Bird Day at the Peterborough Library on May 13, 2023.  

Credit: CLIFFORD SKARSTEDT / Peterborough Examiner.

Peterborough Public Library: 


Peterborough Public Library celebrates the installation of Phase 1 of Bird Safe Decals.  This makes the library the first municipal building in Peterborough to take the steps to become certified as bird-friendly!

Credit: CLIFFORD SKARSTEDT /  Peterborough Examiner.

Peterborough Public Library: 

City Coun. Matt Crowley, middle, presents a proclamation certificate to vice-chair Tom Luloff of Bird Friendly Peterborough at the Peterborough Public Library on Saturday, May 13, 2023 in Peterborough, Ont. The ceremony was held to present Peterborough's

Bird-Friendly City certificate from Nature Canada.  

Credit: CLIFFORD SKARSTEDT /  Peterborough Examiner.

R.F. Downey Public School Bird Habitat Enhancement: 

With help from our friends at Pathway to Stewardship and Kinship, we and our community collaborators were able to successfully install new habitat features at R. F. Downey Public School in Peterborough. Multiple new nesting structures as well as a bird feeder and waterer were installed, along with a maintenance schedule so that the school community can keep their local birds happy and healthy!

Highland Heights Public School Bird Habitat Upgrades and
Bird-Safe Windows

The students and staff at Highland Heights are all passionate about the environment, wildlife, and birds! They recognized the need to do their part to make their community more welcoming and safer for birds and have been provided with several bird habitat features as well as the first phase of their Feather Friendly bird window collision deterrent markers, installed by our partners at Kawartha Bird Control. Many thanks to the Pathway Project again for making this all possible, and great job Highland Heights!

Kawartha Wildlife Centre
Bird-Safe Windows:

Thanks to an awesome initiative started by the volunteers of KWC, we are pleased to report that all glass surfaces at the centre have been treated with Feather Friendly bird window collision deterrent markers. With so many potential patients resulting from window collisions, the Kawartha Wildlife Centre are proving the importance of this vital conservation tool.

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