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Bird Friendly Certification

The Bird Friendly Building Certification is designed for workplaces, private residences, and publicly owned structures that can be improved to mitigate harm and increase habitat availability for birds! By watching the videos, completing and sending in the checklist, and enacting enough bird-friendly changes based on BFP’s feedback, buildings can be certified at the entry, intermediate and advanced levels.


This checklist can be completed for your building at any time of year and can be sent to us via email at

Once we receive and evaluate your orientation checklist, we will provide you with feedback on how to take action on implementing bird-friendly strategies for your building. From there, you can choose which level of certification to pursue!


These buildings are on the right track to helping birds!

These buildings are taking action to reduce harm to and increase habitat for birds!

Intermediate Level

Advanced Level

These buildings have taken all suggested actions to reduce harm, increase habitat and create a better world for birds!

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