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Monarch butterfly on milkweed

Find out more about the Bird Friendly City initiative.

Fenced yard with yellow and red flowering plants, a stone path and bird house mounted on the fence

Celebrate wild birds and their unique diversity with your community.

Blackcapped Chickadee perching on a branch

Help make your home and community more bird friendly.

Merlin perched in a tree

Learn more about wild birds, and how to help them.

Local Partners

Kawartha Wildlife Centre, black font logo of four coloured boxes with white animal sillouettes, grey raccoon, brown owl, green mink, yellow plus sign
Peterborough Field Naturalists, green font, logo of a white flower over a green square
Riverview Part and Zoo, white font, logo white P with stylized bird to resemble R and V

National Partners

Flap Canada, black font, logo black bird sillouette on its back
Nature Canada, white font, logo square background with blue above name and green below
Cats and Birds; Keep cats safe and save bird lives, white font, logo of a blue cartoon cat with a green bird perched on its tail
Camp Kawartha, dark blue font, logo is an image of a lake with a sunset, trees and a silhouette of a bird in the sun and water
Green Up, grey and green font, logo of a green, yellow, blue, orange and grey sunset over the word Up in green font
Feather Friendly, blue and green font, logo of a bird outline with blue filled wing
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